What is the mSETM?
mSE™ is a microSD card with a powerful STM32F4 CPU on board. This turns out to be an extremely flexible and powerful environment. The mSE™ is filled by Blu5 View with a basic set of security functions which you can use through the PipeComm®  Kit libraries.

Why should I use an external HW like the mSETM in my applications?
There are many advantages!
The mSE
TM is like a coprocessor, which allows you to run your code in a trusted environment, fully controlled by you. Let us list just a few benefits: - You can protect your intellectual property make your code portable and platform independent, create a secure operating area to store sensible data, apply serious cryptography without the risk that your keys are sniffed by malware or viruses, etc.


Can I run my functions inside the mSETM?
Yes! But you have to wait for a short while …
We may give you the mSE
TM full access today, but you should buy expensive tools and programmers to build, debug and inject your code in the mSETM embedded CPU. We are working hard to simplify the development process and provide you with an open source, free programming tool! In the meantime you can create your applications using a lot of security functions that will be released to you for free!

Is the PipeComm® Kit royalties free?
Yes, it is!

On how many platforms can I use the PipeComm® Kit?
As the PipeComm® Kit is based on the mSETM card, you can use it on all the devices (mobile phones, PC, laptops, etc.) which provide a microSD slot. Do not forget that the mSETM is driver-less, so you can use it on any Operating System without pains!

Which programming language should I use to integrate the PipeComm® Kit?
Many! PipeComm® KIT is written in ANSI C/C++ but we provide you with a lot of wrappers. For example if you are an Android developer you can use PipeComm Kit for both native-code (NDK, C/C++) and Java (SDK, JNI) applications.

How complex is the PipeComm® Kit integration?
We want to make your life easier, guys!   PipeComm® KIT is a set of very intuitive functions. Nevertheless each function is well described and is provided with a dedicated example code. Have a look at the documentation section!

Which functions are included in the PipeComm® Kit?
At the moment the PipeComm® KIT comes with two powerful functions: Two-Factor Authentication system and Secure File System. We are going to add new features and, even better, we are going to open the whole system. Soon you will be able to add your custom functions by yourself ! Check the PipeComm® KIT “Roadmap

Should I know about cryptography to use the Two-Factor Authentication and Secure File System features?
Absolutely not! We spent many years making very complex cryptographic systems easy to use for our OEMs and Customers.
You are not required to know about cryptography. But if you are a cryptography expert you can change all the security mechanisms (e.g. keys derivation functions, encryption and signature algorithms, etc.) according to you security flavour !

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